Its our story by Keileng Junior

Keileng Junior | January 5th, 2010 | poetry | No Comments

Its our love affair
Me loving you and you loving me
The things that lovers do
In the roller coaster ride called life
Our fights as passionate, as our love making
In a crescendo, we spit venom
When we hit rock bottom
We kiss and make up
Followed by another dramatic episode

My body a punching bag
An irony to a pleasure zone that it is
In the ring with Mohammed Ali
I am totally knocked out
How fragile we are
The scathing verbosity
Thou subtle but disfiguring
Happy pills are my anchor

You are two faced
A public women’s rights advocate
And a private misogynist
Walls bear witness to my agony
They wail in silence
Pillows are bursting with my tears

I sense my demise
Maggots feasting on me
I live in fear of the inevitable
On an adrenalin high
I need to escape from these dungeon
To sing the redemption song with Bob Marley
Not beyond the grave, but up and about
To celebrate my emancipation

My emancipation was not to emasculate you
My intellectual prowess, not to make you feel inferior
My assertiveness, not to disrespect you
My ambitions, not to compete with you
My boldness, not to overshadow you
My soft power, not to dominate you
My sensuality, not to hypnotise you
In all that I am you are needed

You don’t need to be calloused, to be respected
You don’t need to be violent, to show your strength
You don’t need to belittle me, to inflate your ego
You don’t need to control me, to exert your power
Our story can be the marriage of East and West Germany
Not the Chinese wall
We have the pen to rewrite our script
As we waltz to the tunes of our times
No more drama

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