It’s silent by Meta

Meta | June 28th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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It flew by
Time did
So did they
Lost souls
So much loss
So many graves
I looked out
Hoping to get a glimpse of what used to be
Hoping to hear kids’ laughter
Hoping to hear their joy
But it was silent
Why the silence?
What happened?
How did we get here?
Where are the others?
How am I alone?
With only my thoughts for company
How did we lose?
How did we get here?
How is it that if I dare step out…
I will then meet my doom
I would then join them
Our fallen
The lost souls
I cannot step out
Would I ever be able to?
I’m stuck looking through the window
I’m stuck seeing the beauty of the world through it
Cause I cannot dare
Step out

Poet Bio

Julia is a 24-year-old young lady residing in Pretoria, South Africa. She finds solace in writing, in a good book, and in music. To her, the three aid in healing. She is passionate about Mental Health.

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