it’s this walk… this war by Masingita Masiya

Masingita Masiya | May 9th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments


These traceable steps that dissolve in the road that leads me back here
I thought I could lose the road when I ran away
But my shadow on the ground is a whisper from the moon
That I will only arrive hastily and weary, with the sane baggage at noon
So, in this walk, I take a stroll
It’s this walk that raptures a conversation within me
Its content so fiery and consuming
That it eats me alive, yet my shoes keep the walk

This war whose war cries are shadows that move in silence
Long after screams and roars of the battle line have ceased
The swift thump of the arrow kissing the skin and hugging the bone
is a lullaby that keeps up in the dark night counting sheep
Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!
Save your heart the misery
This war whose battlefield is now my mind
I walk towards it, I run and shall not fear it

Poet Bio

I’m a 26 year old male, born and bread in Mabopane. I write.

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