i’ve been here before… by Khanyo Mjamba

Khanyo Mjamba | January 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

our footprints sit quietly, fossilised on the dry concrete floor.
i can still see your steamy face-print on the window,
where you pulled a face and joined it with glass
whilst i recreated it with acrylics and pastels on canvas
before umaNgwanya called us for our biscuits and milo.
two portions & one glass.
the scent of our youth still lingers in this living room
where we spent our rainy days throwing marshmallows in the fireplace
yet the journey to this meeting place
has been littered with love that left me too soon
i await your arrival, in this place of our infantile love,
our purple sunsets and molten chocolates.
many years have passed
many moons have danced
since i chased you around in my gumboots and Spiderman pyjamas
since we held hands and smiled for the camera in toothless laughter.
a twisted road it has been,
in my journey to this meeting place, my sweet
so i patiently await your arrival
in this place of our childhood
where we could maybe learn to reclaim that innocence
that we’d learnt to hide beneath our feet.

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