I’ve Lived It by Julian Masindi

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I’ve lived it

Through all fantasy making galaxies in my head.
I’ve lived many days as the other man forgetting the man himself.

I’ve lived it

What I am and what I’m not
Lived in the pigments of others choosing our own mothers

lived in darker days searching for what I call myself, once believing myself I lose divinity, “find yourself and don’t forget about placing yourself in the right crowd”.

I’ve lived through fiction
Friction I’ve never lived, we are human beings. I’ve lived in two channels: the future and the past, the present prisoned nothing has risen.

I’ve lived it

Through those who gravitate with hate and don’t show it in their faces

through losing myself chasing others, Through memories made with friends and not family.

I’ve lived it

That in life you choose how to live, joint your life and never take a spilf.

I’ve lived lies humans turning: against the truth

I’ve lived through betrayal, fear while laying in the cradle. fear of what our ancestors left for us

I’ve lived through happy moments but I inhale sadness in

I’ve lived the screen life, chasing the front of a knife.

I’ve lived through pride, I always leave my pride alone, at home staring at others.

I’ve lived believing and, I’ve lived in believing not believing the weight I’ve carried from both sides.
I’ve lived it

Spoiling innocent days cause of expectations
Drifting to a wrong destination

And I’ve decided to live and not say I’ve lived it.

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