Joburg poem by Cassie Robinson

Cassie Robinson | October 31st, 2013 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Walking down the streets of Jozi, the haggard beggar stumbles down the road,
the traffic slows
and the gloomy haze blurs humanity
whilst all are oblivious to the outside reality
the story behind each life is ignored, discarded like a page, tattered and torn
irrelevant, swept aside like a crumb on a clean surface
“each for themselves” they mutter and drift along in a bitter demonstration
their destination one of empty exclusion, where separation is King- it rules with hate
mundane routine is a way of being in this concrete wilderness
Where walls entrap us in a box of ‘safety’, shutting out the difference, thus blinding its inhabitants to its beauty
Walking down the streets of Jozi, the walls are high, looming, threatening “KEEP OUT!”
a division of worth; a barrier to Love
no understanding can come from an unwillingness to try
fear is the only courage in the land of the un-free
and within this body screams the resistance:
“To divide and rule can only tear us apart; in every man’s chest there beats a heart.”

Poet Bio

Cassie is passionate about art and feels that poetry encompasses it perfectly. She derives inspiration from all she touches, sees, hears and experiences, and is heavily influenced by Bukowski, Whitman, Cummings and Plath.

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