Journey of Memories by MackieD

MackieD | April 10th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


Come, take a walk with me along the road of time
be not afraid for I am no more nor any less than you.
Come, take my hand so that I may guide you through
The winding paths which lead to memories kind.

Along the way confronts us a murmuring breeze
which purpose is the heart to carefully remind
By whisper, by sunlight, by kisses of mine
Lest we forget this journey to seize.

By way of this road epiphany is born
It is striking, it is brave, it is mine.
I fear not to live or to walk blind
Regrets I have no more.

Poet Bio

This poets’ love for writing began when she was a teenager. Over the years she’s been writing on and off. This poet would like to use poetry as a platform to share her life experiences and the valuable lessons she’s learnt.

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