Judgement by Pamella Dlungwana

Pamella Dlungwana | January 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

May I be haunted by scents and flavors of you
This torment I will welcome
May I be ridiculed for my
Childlike fascination for you
This disgrace I will accept
I will be taunted and mocked for the
Way I have lost you
Before I have held you in my arms

For how am I different to hi
Who spends his full pay
On a horse that has yet to start the race?

He and I are like minded dreamers
We believe our supplications for our desires
Shall be met
That one day we will catch up
With the ice cream van before
It hits streets marked by vicious hounds and bullies

He believes his last tip off
I believe that the last smile you gave
Before you left
Was mine and mine alone

In the absence of your kiss
My tongue searches the alley of my mouth
For your taste lives not in memory
But has signed itself
In the hall that feeds me

Chocolate genius,
Flavors of tangerine, nectarine
Something orangey I’m sure
My tastebuds rebel
I’ll catch a waft of you
Somewhere I’m certain

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