Jupiter by Owolabi Ogunlana

Owolabi Ogunlana | Aug 27th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Jupiter, bring down your wall and dive into the ocean’s abyss,
Take off your shirt, run free and have conversations on the wind’s wings,
There is no need for shoes when your legs haven’t felt the coolness of the earth,
Nor need for timepieces cos no one can predict the arrival of death,
Don’t battle with shades, for your eyes are the windows to your soul,
Nor with your overalls, for work transcends all men in the hole,
Remember, you only die once, live now with no iota regret.

Jupiter, there are zones that call for men of grit,
Like the cry for help, when all and sundry within takes a hit,
For the gift of knowledge, expectations and freedom make men existential,
And the scamper for food, clothing, and shelter make men partial,
Take no guns, machetes, bows nor arrows in your quiver,
For this fight calls for no weapons than that which makes your mind wonder,
Remember, you only die once, so fight and conquer the war within.

Jupiter, you came to this world attached to mother by the cord,
Your attachment to her makes all other humans within sight absurd,
You grew without fear, for the world showed you it’s brightness,
You didn’t encounter hate, for the environment showed you it’s kindness,
Alas mother died untimely, and took away the love in your heart,
You stayed lonely, detached from the world into your thinking hat,
Remember, you only die once, let love be the witness you lived.

Poet Bio

Owolabi Ogunlana is a lover of arts, a walking juke box and a son.

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