Just a Gambit by Ephraim Zuva

Ephraim Zuva | March 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

You can bamboozle the world it is what it is, a ploy
But you cannot hoodwink the wise Just a gambit
You are an enigma from an obscure tribe
So murky, you promise us a brighter future
Obscurity conceives dusk
No acumen from a vague mind

What a maverick you are
So egoistical yet so ignorant
So litigious yet so misinformed

Hearken to my avant-garde chastening
This is wisdom from Ancient of Days
Adore your neighbor as you love yourself
Spit the attitude of deception

Many are deceived by the gambit
Blindly they follow you to their destruction
In their fall they will give up the ghost and perish

Odium conceives rant and rave
Rage consumes man
We know you are out to revenge
You conspired with his foes
Stratagem his downfall

In his fall he stands
In your subterfuge you will perish
Collectively with your co-conspirators
This I give as much a promise
What goes around comes around
What you do unto others
Running over you shall receive

I guess we are to censure
We underestimated your capability
Of inculcating and seditious detestation
Please receive our standing ovation
With the mastery of the fiend
contrivingly you pulled this ploy
Machinated it to perfection
The ousting is no cosmic scheme

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