Just Imagine by Des Springhall

Des Springhall | April 5th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Just imagine I had my rawness refined
Just imagine I ripped my heart out and put it on the line
Just imagine I hated what I loved and would dearly boast
Just imagine my soul could be at war with my minds treacherous ghost
Just imagine I ripped a hole in the fabric of what society could think of me
Just imagine I am not what you believe me to be
Just imagine when I pray, I pray for my own distaste
Just imagine I stripped myself of my lust and gave in to my disgrace
Just imagine I made a mockery of humble little old me
Just imagine you were only you when you imagined you lived inside of me
Just imagine

Poet Bio

Des is an artisan who lives and works in Capetown

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