Kgadime (For OK Matsepe) by Shimo

Moses Shimo Seletisha | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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(For OK Matsepe)

mphe serokolo ke kgeme,
ketla tshwelatshwela thoko mme
kase metše Kgadime.
aowi! hle nkadime Kgadime!
nkadime sagago sefepi
goba sona selepe
ke kgone go rema ka dika,
ke kgone le go rothiša ya bjoko meokgo
lenna ke tseparele bjalo ka Matsepe,
ke tsebe gore fegelwane le khutlo gase mathomomayo.
kego gomarele bjalo ka boreku
gore lenna laka leleme lese pše
lese gatikwe ka mphašane
nkadime Kgadime
kera kotse le lerumo, e sego lehumo
gobane la gago lehumo
o le šikere bohunamatolo
bontšhi oba tshwišitše mare
gobane o ikgethetše yagago tsela
wa latola go ntšha mantšu ka dinko
wa ikgethela goba morogomotala
mola bontšhi ele bašweu ka leleme!
hle nkadime lehlotlo ke hlotlele,
lenna kebe monna ke kgone go iponagatša
le kgorong ya mošate


In this praising poem, the author communicates with the late OK Matsepe, one of the South African Sepedi writers. Where fellow writers are reminded of the magic Matsepe brought to this poetic landscape. By simply using his own language of Sepedi to draw attention both international and domestic in contrary to the lost generation who now tend to find solace in foreign tongues rather, English to be specific. In turn, the author confronts Matsepe to simply grant him with permission to drink from his reach cup as to regain poetic strengths for the generation is blinded


Poet Bio

MOSES SHIMO SELETISHA is of course a village performance poet, author and translator. Who writes in both sepedi and english though his profile is not that transparent if not broad. For he wrote a praise poem (1998) in honor of Prof. J Ruganda titled ‘University of The North’ – which resulted to him obtain the first prize. He is currently working on ‘Tšhutšhumagala’ a sepedi biography filled with nothing but the life and political times of Tlokwe Maserumule, edited by David Wa Maahlamela – which will be released later this year (2011)



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