Krishna Consciousness (or Christ Consciousness) by Paula Puolakka

Paula Puolakka | Nov 25th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

Ask for nothing,
and you will receive everything.
You can have both spiritual possessions
and material possessions: the two ways of being rich
do not exclude each other, but spirituality has to come first.
Treat others the way you want to be treated:
sometimes barriers and the word “no” are needed
to express your true power.
Sri Krishna was the protector of the pure, soft-hearted, and naïve:
as a baby, he already fought against the snake and its mind poisoning.

Where did the bhakti go wrong?
Nowadays, you see the monks in orange
flying all over the world to attend spiritual conferences
and by doing so, polluting the world.
The monks are using smartphones,
and the temples have their own hotels and
catering services:
money and hi-tech are ruling instead of Nature
and spirituality.

The age of Krishna has been long gone.
The age of Kalkin is here:
the rider of the storm and the lord of fire and steel
will soon arrive to punish the unjust and the wicked,
and the gods will restore the earth once again to its
former purity.

Paula Puolakka (1982) is a Beat poet, writer, and MA (History of Science and Ideas.) This poem represents the frustration she has towards all the ideas on this planet: everything turns into one big lie, time and time again. Yet, as a historian, she is very aware that the history of man is a continuum of ups and downs. After a long period of frustration, the beat of change will echo and things will unravel. However, this time it seems, the actions of men and women will not change the world: divine intervention is needed to save Earth and its Nature. A long time ago, human beings decided to abandon spirituality, soul, and heart. Human beings started worshipping material possessions. The latest news of collective insanity comes from Japan: now, a robot priest has his own temple and worshippers. (Puolakka’s latest work can be found through The Reader/Author Connection – Issue #5 & Issue #8 – and Jerry Jazz Musician.)

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