LEGO by Chantel Scheepers

Chantel Scheepers | August 8th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


 Building Lego around my heart
Blocking out you, me in part…
Broken beyond repair
I build my wall in colourful despair

Each block i place,
A memory, a face, an embrace
Each one a different shape makes
Each block placed with shakes

Going with creative flow
With each one tears do blow
Blowing against my heart
Blowing me to pieces apart

Crying i place the final block
Gone are you, i now stop
Tears gone, i now blue
Remembering only that i loved you

Alone in this box i stay..
A box of Lego. Here i play
Play till you return
Waiting for you to play your turn…

Poet Bio

Chantel Scheepers is a young hopeful. She writes poetry and enjoys reading other poets. She’s passionate about writing. Her dream is for at least one to be recognised.

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