featured poem: Let Us Deliver & Change The World! by Ntanjana Sisipho

Ntanjana Sisipho | February 2nd, 2011 | featured poem, poetry | No Comments

Is there any wiseman’s pride to brighten my sight?
as dark dug deep into my sight,
Integrity and courage is all i can hope for,
as it seems I swerved to the negative side like never before.
They smiled smeared and said “one’s perception is the key
point to wisdom,”
deceiving and wounding the cautious heart of the unaware,
Killed my conscience and moved my life to despair!
Success was the target till failure sounded fine to one’s ear.

Look at what they did to my life!
Yesterday I had foes to share life with,
Today I’m grieving like a lost calf looking for its parent.
Till my voice engulf the whole globe I’ll be the best,
Till Nothing move to Everything I’ll rest.

Let us unloose the nuts that shape us for the better,
Let us bear and share every Cent of hope and perseverance,
Let us unfold our hands and coat them.

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