Letting Go by Christopher Metcalf

Christopher Metcalf | May 1st, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

She always gets what she wants
She always gets what she needs
And if she believes
There’s even more to receive
For the man she sleeps next to
Still has a few tricks
Up his sleeve
Having already squeezed
Every fibre of his being
With delight
To give all these things
To the queen of his life
But these are only things we can see
All the things that we know
There is still so much more to achieve
That lies beneath
In the greater unknown
So with these feelings set free
Unleashed perceive
The dark side of the moon
Leaving no dream out of reach
No wish that can’t come true
Maybe she found it
Hard to breath
When her love, he craved
Like a fiend.

Completely consumed
So maybe the world
And all it’s glory
Was not meant for you
So in order to find true happiness
In the most simplest of things
The hardest choice
She had to choose
To let loose a love
Set free like a dove
Until it comes back to you
This cut was the deepest
Left a Mr man greaves
With only the companion
Of despair
His heart shattered to pieces
And pieces crushed to dust
So there are no means
To repair.

Now it has been
At least three seasons
Searching for deeper meaning
Behind reasons
She is a replay everyday
In his head
Excuses still deceiving
Yet feeling grow more appealing
What is the use!
It just doesn’t make sense
He now walks the road alone
With a heart harder than diamonds
Fortified by a fortress of stone
His life he cannot share
Inside there is a war
Of smiles and cries
Never sure with which side
He should pair
Now residing on the line in-between
In content
As long as for her
Happiness is always there.

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