Letting Go by Nelly

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Poet Bio

Fell in love with a wonderful person
Not perfect but everything I needed at that time
It wasn’t supposed to happen you know
“Us”, we weren’t supposed to happen
But it happened
Walked through every battle field to be together
Fought all odds and walked past every rumour
Things went on so quickly that it was too hard for me to hold on
I’m not a quitter but I had let go
Now it’s hard for me to look at someone else and admire their presence
It’s hard to compliment another with a meaning or purpose behind it
Not that I want to
But a push in the ” moving forward ” path would be nice
I’m holding onto something that has no future
Something that has no support on the other end
Soon enough it’s all going to crumble and it’s going to take me with
Who is going to help me up when I’m down?
Dependent I don’t want to be
So I take this time
To put my feelings to sleep
To allow the world to knock me off my feet
I take this time to walk away without looking back
My love I’ll always remember you
But sitting here and hoping something will change
Is yet another dream
You are a reality that turned into a memory
A memory I thought would be a fantasy
A fantasy that got me down
Searching for guidance to the right path
Searching for peace to put my mind to rest
As I am at war with my heart and soul
You were something I never wanted to lose
But now that I lost you
My world has came to a pause
Is it me wasting my time on things I can’t change
Or is it a sign that there is more to this
But I guess it is the end of the road
And I need to change ways
And of course
I am just caught up in my feelings

Poet Bio

Naledi Mtetwa is a young 17 year old girl who has gone through so much in life but her poetry helps her get through the day. She is sports active, loves accounting and her friends call her “the good adviser”. Naledi is very passionate about life and everything she does. She hasn’t got as much opportunity to show who she truly is and what she is capable of. Besides all that, she is no ordinary teenage girl. She is antisocial, she finds peace in hip hop music, she likes dressing like a tomboy and she is not interested in fashion , trends, media or parties (turnips as they call them). Naledi doesn’t only see poetry as a platform where she can be herself and express her feelings and thoughts but also to send a message to the world that can help a lot of people.

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