Levi’s Generation by Yoliswa Mogale

Yoliswa Mogale | July 1st, 2007 | poetry | No Comments

Child of foetus
Enemy of deceivers
Make you believers
You provide retrievers
Truth not scriptures
Forget givers
Mother Teresa
Over achievers
Live teachers
Armies can’t defeat us
Time turned spectators
Eighty-fivers in wait for wealth not dealt us
We the takers
Never ask us
To wait for kindness
Of those that rape us
They rob us
Then lock us
Up in sanatoriums
Then feed us
Fashions, which only hinders
Natural thought process
Impress us
Intrigues fascinate us
With exotics us
Exalt us
Mesmerise us
Look like us
Think like us
Focus on black Barbie doll image by us
U too can wear Strauss U too can wear Strauss

U too can wear Strauss
Levi’s generation
Buys freedom expression
Fake emancipation
Figment imagination
Realisation lies true
Defy you
Deny through
Mind lost
Blacks boxed
Levi Strauss cons
Joe dons
Stop nothing
Coz still laughing
Pons still mopping up
Spilt milk
Give it
The poor to drink
Make ’em think
They didn’t blink
See past winks
It stinks
We can’t all be rich
Reach for a dream
Go mainstream
Start to skeem
White wash clean
Being civilizing
Biting real
Eventually we’re all rising
Pimping housing self
Seeking wealth
Money spent on
Immaterial backdrops
Shop ’til you drop
The confidence spot
Dot t’s
Line eyes carve ears
Hear what appears
Not said
Right not read
Born not bred
Scorned not scared
Souls porned not paired
For the latest gear to disguise our fear
The latest gear to disguise our fear

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