Liberation Day by Thabang Ngoma

Thabang Ngoma | January 29th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

My only regret is never learning how to fly
There seems to be so much freedom in the sky
On a vertical, diagonal rise guiding the wind
Piloting my destiny on the glide

I imagine I was a rocket launching memories
to space taking off
My fears of high heights
a golf ball to a hole-in-one teeing off
On the wing of a perfect swing
defining the why
Defying the how; redefining aerodynamics,
on a perpetual high

An albatross – spanning the open oceans
never to land for eternity
With the turbulence of the waves
crashing and washing my musicality
Around the globe – be the first everyday to view a new sunrise
Feet landing only to feel the lushness of the universe

To take off once more and finally
to my death on the wing
Drifting for eternity like a beam of light
escaping the big bang
With my molecules like particles never slowing down
At the speed of light my soul learning to fly to heaven

My only regret is never learning how to fly
Gravity I would defy; my humanity I may deny
There seems to be so much free air
Where birds only sing and ever sore

Poet Bio

Thabang is an aspiring writer& enjoys reading and the challenge of composing & writing poetry. He’s also a Team Leader, sketch artist & long distance – runner.


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