Lie Still by Nomthandazo Cebekhulu

Nomthandazo Cebekhulu | January 11th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


When life cracks you wide open and
the deep seated pain reveals itself
for everyone to see.
The cold and bitter reality of your
dark situations surfaces and
drowns all you used to be.
Lie still, dear child, lie still and
leave everything to me.

When the brightness of sunshine
Is no more, and the bliss of deep
reaching rays seems to pass right by you,
ignoring your desperate pleas.
When carnivore flames engulf your hopes
And roaring fires chew at pieces of your dreams.
Lie still, dear child, even in the valley of your fears.

When the downward spiral seems endless,
and the ravenous twists never ceasing.
When like the branches of a peach tree in winter
You lie naked…
Stripped of the leaves that comforted you
And the deceptive fruit that hid you.
When the pain leaves you grey and faded,
Like long summer thunderstorms
chasing random rainbows through vast skies.
Lie still dear child and know that I always hear your cries.

When the fleshy wounds of your pain
lie exposed to all like sin,
and like packs of hyenas, fellow humans
flock to cackle at the scene.
Like predators having pounced from far and wide,
beady vultures that hover over the last pound of your pride.
When like mist on a crisp winter morning,
friends start to fade away.
Lie still, dear child, for relief is on the way.

On the way is a relief surpassing that
of orange-purple sunsets after a long day.
I bring with me a release from all that
has threatened to devour your essence
in a ferocious way.

Lie still as I adorn your limp body
with a mane of unwavering courage and strength.
Stir not as I weave into your genetics a tight rope
of perseverance and unwavering faith.
Breathe easy as I lace your mind with
a consciousness of your inner power so divine.
Then to an unlimited kaleidoscope
of inner joy you shall awaken.
And you will know then that you are never forsaken.

Poet Bio

Nomthandazo Cebekhulu is an avid reader and writer who hails from Newcastle in KwaZulu Natal. She is a firm believer in the power that words have to effect change in our society. She freelances as a content contributor for Evolve 360 magazine and has a personal blog called The Favoured Phoenix (]

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