Lies by Boitumelo M Raphiri

Boitumelo M Raphiri | Feb 20th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I tell myself lies all the time
That I am happy
That I am content
That my heart sings with joy

But the days where I forget to lie
I tell myself to close the curtains
And remember to cry
To touch my heart with my fist full of tears

The days I remember how to love myself
Even if it’s just an ounce of love
I shower myself with kindness
I tell myself that I am pretty
That I am worth it
And I deserve the best dammit

But the days when all is forgotten
I pray that no one finds out that I am shattered
Pieced together by the love of my mother

Poet Bio

Boitumelo is a music lover, bibliophile, wine lover and she would kill for anything with chocolate in it. She writes for fun usually in the mornings with a cup of coffee in hand.
She’s obsessed with love and heartbreak. She’s fun and talks non-stop about nothing that usually makes sense

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