Light Tears by SS Dheda

SS Dheda | February 1st, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


The morbid darkness is back once again,
The wind sings to the dancing barren branches,
All that is finite is silent.
Possibilities roam around the quietened corridors,
travellers knock on closed doors
As the wind-chime wails in agony
of the merciless beating from the wind.
Silently, quietly, hiding the face of darkness
in a corner of light, the heavy tear of wax rolls down
the lit lamp of a lonely heart

Poet Bio

Shiksha has been writing poetry for the last five years or so and has had several poems published under the
Forward Poetry Publication. She has also been featured as the Poet of the Month for January 2012 for
Forward Poetry and will soon be featured on the Aerodrome online literary journal.
She believes that poetry not only places complex intricate human emotions into a short length of writing but also takes the reader on a journey into a completely different world in which the perspective of the reader can be largely influenced after coming in intellectual contact with a poem.

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