Lioness by Aaishah Mayet

Aaishah Mayet | August 10th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


The August stars
Are glorious globes
Adornments of darkness
In glimmering robes

Alongside eleven famed chapters
Odes in succession
To the passing of time
Constellation reading of vivid imagination

You do not scare me
Pretty bright things
Mapping the heavens
In the same galactic glory that lives inside earthlings

Your cosmic splendour
Is equal to the root of my growl
You waltz and spin
I sprint. I purr. I howl

You are my spirit distilled
In celestial display
Of the big bang primordial fireball
A reminder. A replay

Of the stellar source
Lodged at my core
Its power. Its passion. Its persistence. Its permanence
Far far greater than folklore

Poet Bio

Aaishah Mayet hails from the City of Gold, Johannesburg, South Africa. She works in the Healthcare sector which, for her, has bridged the frontiers of our shared human experience. As a self-confessed bibliophile of many years, literature remains her teacher and her sanctuary. Her works include Haiku published in the Lotosblute, as well as works published by Agbowo, Praxis, Poetry Potion, Active Muse, the Brittle Paper, The Lote Tree Press, the International Human Rights Arts Festival and Amaliah.

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