LISTEN: A DUMMIE’S GUIDE TO Understanding iDLE (Botswana)

Keneilwe Mohutsiwa | September 9th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

Poetry Potion is thrilled to share A dummy’s guide to understanding iDle by Keneilwe Mohutsiwa with our readers.

iDLE (Keneilwe Mohutsiwa) is a poet and software developer and a digital specialist from Gabarone, Botswana.  iDLE writes and performs in Setswana. He merges modern techniques with an authentic traditional foundation and puts it all on display throughout his latest EP.

Read below as iDle elaborates on the themes he covers on the EP

The EP is a brief re-introduction to the music scene after a hiatus from performing. Sebe, My Sunshine are extracted from iDLE’s upcoming book, they were developed into musical pieces.
The poem
Gaborone O Sebodu tackles the stench that engulfs the streets of Gaborone from every end. My Sunshine, Sebe and Matlho are produced & arranged by F.A.T while Maipoko Snippet was done by Ntirelang Berman. Additional vocals are provided by Chrome on My Sunshine, Nanzelella on both Sebe and Matlho. Both My Sunshine & Sebe focus on love.

Maipoko is a brief introduction iDLE usually does before diving into a performance, could be praise poetry or spoken word.

The project showcases iDLE’s range and delivery styles on the EP. This is where the title is derived from. A walk through the different facets hence a- Dummie’s Guide, mostly meant for newer listeners who might need a run through of iDLEs journey. 

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