Listen to her song by Sekou

Sekou | September 25th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Read a book, go out on a date with your beautiful damsel
Kiss her soft lips like the spring rain kisses a budding rose petal
Draw joy from watching her smile, go on a horse ride for miles
Have her wrap her arms ‘round you into the uncharted rugged mountains
Of Thiealala where adventure awaits, replete with high altitude pride

Kill a beast. Light up the fire, listen to her story that carries
Every nuance of everything that defines her identity

Go back home without a single tear shed but that shed
out of joy
Look deep in her eyes and embrace your heart when it beats
As of that of a warhorse once you sense her catch her breath
At the base of your voice and sweat on your brow

Watch the evening sun, hands locked
Listen to every decibel of her singing and float away with the melody of her voice
Into the wild of “manly-mesmerized”
There’s a story in every musical note and stories are part of the most precious heritage
Of mankind

Love her strong, love her ‘til death do you part
Never bruise her soul.

Listen to her song.

Poet Bio

Atang is a Mosotho African man who appreciates poetry.

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