Longing For Home Pankaj Vedwal

Pankaj Vedwal | November 19th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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Across the miles, my heart extends,
Years apart, where love transcends.
Days tick by, months and years,
Lonely celebrations, quiet tears.

Festivals and holidays, all alone,
Echoes of laughter, now overgrown.
In distant lands, I work and roam,
Longing for the warmth of home.

Dialing numbers, a familiar tone,
Eager heart, with emotions sown.
A phone call home, after years gone by,
Anticipation rises, oh, how time flies.

Ringing echoes, my heart takes flight,
Voices crackle through the night.
Tales of life, shared once more,
Joyous moments, my heart adores.

Their laughter dances, so carefree,
Through the phone, it reaches me.
Melancholy fades, as memories swell,
In this conversation, emotions dwell.

A call home, a cherished link,
Mending distances in a single blink.
Though miles persist, and time may roam,
Love connects through this phone home.

Poet Bio

Pankaj Vedwal is a non-professional writer, who writes once in a while as a hobby only. Sometimes his work is appreciated by strangers on social media. Other than that, he is just an ordinary guy next door.

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