Lords of Our Own Making by Lithemba Sebe

Lithemba Sebe | Oct 28th, 2013 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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[tab id=1]We have no Eden
Ours is a journey of Life and Death
I won’t wait for three days
Nor will I wait for the sixth day
When the time comes
I will dig up your grave
I will mould your body
From the earth of your grave
And seal life into you
With an ever lasting kiss
Our tale has no snakes,
No gardens, nor scarlet apples
No ark will save us
From this flood of emotions[/tab]
[tab id=2]I’m a 22-year-old science student at Rhodes University. I enjoy public speaking and debating, I live for the performing arts. Performer sitting in the audience :p[/tab]


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