Lost in darkness by Major

Major | August 19th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I am lost
Help me, my Lord,
I need your guidance
The only thing I am left
With is my mom
Daddy just took off
I don’t know which direction he went
I Am starting to lose My mind
My mind is all mixed up
I am starting to think it’s all my fault
And I hold mom’s deepest fear
Every night I hear Mom shouting
I always think she is in danger
But she is only dreaming

My Lord tell me
Where would I be Without my mom?
And where would I be With my dad?
Every night I sleep with my hopes on
But every morning they’re off
What is happening
Please Lord
Show me the right And bright way

My mom can’t take any of this
It’s too stressful for her
What would I do without her?
After all, she gave me wisdom and freedom
She taught me all I know
Lord have mercy on her
She is innocent

Poet Bio

I’m Bapela Tjemeng. I was born 2001 August 24. I was raised by a single mother living in a shack. I attend school at Kwabhekilanga secondary and I’m passionate about poetry

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