Love Artifact by Dinitah

Dina Koumatse | August 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Treat me as…
Love me as bad
Beat me as
You beat your words with your tongue
I have three souls
For your tree-logical way
To love, to hit, to fuck
No need to rethink
My emotional swings
A perfect pretext
To cause (me) so much grief
Don’t warn me again
You can’t love me well
A morning despise
“…look I’m sorry, hun”
The beauty of love
Found in debase-ment?
A glimpse of my past
Transformed into a question mark:
“Would you use me, Deen…?
You’re not that type
Of femme I’d normally…

Poet Bio

Dina Koumatse was born in Gran Canaria (Spain) and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Caribbean Studies with Spanish and Latinamerican Studies from London Metropolitan University. She’s recently got a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Spanish as Foreign Language and works as a language mediator for the African community on the island. Her pursuit for creative moments in the form of a visual narrative and story tales, rises from a curious gaze at things, events and characters at everyday life

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