Love begins with I by Vuyokazi S Yonke

Vuyokazi S Yonke | January 5th, 2010 | poetry | No Comments

In pursuit of a heart to belong
Searching from Harare to Hong Kong
Journeying over expanses so long
To satiate the yearning so strong
Losing my way on avenues so wrong
Chanting a constant, lonesome love song
Wondering what I had done so wrong
For love to withhold her warmth so long

A life deserted, thinking I would die
Over expanses so long, my soul was dry
Questioning myself, why me, why?
Stopping, tears streaming in a muted cry
A pool of tears rising around me, up high
Reflected on those waters, the most beautiful eye
Raising my hand to wipe my sadness dry
On a journey so long, I had finally found an ally

Lifting my face up high towards the sky
With tears of joy, soft as an angel’s cry
Chanting songs of gratitude to the Most High
Love songs around my once broken heart I tie
A feeling of lightness, I could fly to kiss the sky
When I saw love’s personification in my own eye
I had an authentic discovery that love begins with I
Journeying to myself I discovered that love begins with I

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