Love? by C. Wolff

C. Wolff | February 3rd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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I was in love with you once,
But now I see the annoying bit of flesh that you truly are,
Don’t think I didn’t notice you picking your nose,
So deep,
I’m sure you entered the vast emptiness of your cranium,
Which matched the vapid look on your face,
All the times that I worked overtime while you lazed in bed,
Sleeping for hours,
Blaming a bad back for your years of inconsistent employment,
Inconsistent love making,
Inconsistent fixing of things around the house,
What demon’s curse descended on me to even have fathomed falling in love with you,
Beer gut and potato chips you worship,
The TV your altar,
I’ve packed my bags but you still don’t notice,
Maybe when I flatten the tires of your car you’ll notice something’s different,
Maybe not,
As a final goodbye,
I put your TV dinner in the oven on broil,
Pick up my life,
And step out into the cool autumn air.

Poet Bio

I’m an amateur poet who has been published by “Q Anthology” and “Disquietarts”.

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