Love by Tshepo Mabasa

Tshepo Mabasa | December 8th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Blowing like a storm
this love started like a song
a sweet melody feeding souls with joy
a beautiful queen stood breaking all
short light hair / with dark straps
along the end
her eyes blue and wide
like an ocean floating with stars
her skin was soft and delicate
like a gorgeous caramel linen covering
her flesh
he was lost in a love spell

A man of virtue
prominence / ethics and respect
were some of his life aspects
heart pounding like a drag race
blood smoldering his body like a
summer rain
he just can’t wait
as he gets close / nervously close to a
heart attack
capturing a glimpse of her smile
blew him away
closing his eyes in the middle of the
to replay that zoomed image of her
whitened teeth
stretching her lips
to Brighten his heart
cars hooting
he remind stagnant
creating a oozing flow of her portrait
A sudden wind washed his brain
his mind has being betrayed
by a loving heart that led him astray
i warm heat hand touched him
sending child down his spine
like a needle stabbing his back
her hand pulling him out of harms way
[a woman gets you out of trouble
which she got you in the first place]

Up close, to her
he is breathless
knees weak and shaking
through electrifying attraction
igniting his soul
her name escape her lips
feeling them clap with a prose sound
saliva forming in high capacity in his
he blabs out his name quick
making sure his lips are immediately
her image, intensified in his mind
soon they become good friends
while he knows he wants more
a solid shoulder to cry on developed
sharing her problems
the more love broadened
failing their lives with joy
like a fairytale
forever inlove
Life draws a line
pulsating sacrifices to save their love
hearts drawn out as they live far apart
always thinking out and about
excruciating pictures formulating in
his cerebral
picturing the beauteous queen with
another man
breaking walls
punching floors
his heart hard as steel
he can’t even feel
her presence on a short basis aren’t
he stands closed up and squeezed
incarcerated by his own mind
showing unfaithfulness
her long chats with guys
hot flirts she thinks
he wont mind
inside his heart is like rotten cow dung
She tries had to explain
but he still insists she should take the
loving her so much he lets her leave
this way
endless arguments escalate
he just has to stay
but also can’t live this way
he loves her so much
trying to show her while this love torch
is still on
like a placing a break in his heart
he stands in the dark
waiting to stop her every breath from
escaping her lungs
grabbing her throat
he used to kiss like an ice cream Cone
a child licks with all hoist might
her breath stops
eyes widen
tears boil out of the ocean burning in
her eyes
stars darken as she loses
placing a gun on his temple
falling down on his knees
and collapsing in her arms
where he used to rest every night
in the past
brains splattered out
he died for love
but she regained consciousness and
moved on

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