Love by Yamikani Jamali Hassan

Yamikani Jamali Hassan | April 7th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

As no weapon formed against me shall prosper
Love is a weapon formed for me to prosper
When sorrow knocks me in its flairs
Love strikes and bid me to rise in its flares

Love gives dogmas that I can’t be defeated
It is my knight in its magnificent shield
A song in my destitute field
And a symbol of faith in spells of solitude

You could do without diamonds
You could do without pearls
You just ought to have love
As love is success in disguise

Love leads me to pretty souls like a good Shepherd
So much resilient but stunning like a leopard
I trust in the sky, I feel perkier days shall appear
As love is a weapon formed for me to prosper

Poet Bio

Yamikani Jamali Hassan is a Malawian writer, a creative director, publisher and an administrator. He has wrote a number of short stories, poems and two books to his name.

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