Love embedded in me By Ephraim Zuva

Ephraim Zuva | May 1st, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Traumatized and persecuted I am
Betrayed and infuriated I feel
The lesion on my side
Will forever be a souvenir
My brother’ spear sank
The vista of my flaming brother
Will forever stay to haunt me?

Everyday I anticipate death imminent
It’s inevitable, my fate is fast approaching
Every jiffy the clock is ticking
Execution rendezvous is coming

Even though I have come to terms
The anticipation of upshot awaiting
Is excruciating than the fate itself
There is no more verve in me
The spear took out my whole mortal

As much as I would want to battle
Retain my decorum and manhood
Men give up the ghost combating, they say
I am weary, feeble in my joints
Besides, I have been trained to love
Couldn’t even hurt a fly
Love is embedded deep in my being
When I look at you I see myself
How dare I lift a finger on Gods’ creation?
My call is of love
Got love embedded in me

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