Love flies in the air by Torsha

Torsha | May 9th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Wind blowing gently,
Without worries and care…
Telling us faintly,
“Let’s fly—just like love flies in the air…”

Love is born to soothe the eyes,
Divides the hearts, for lovers to share…
Love is blind, it cannot realise;
Silently, love flies in the air…

Two families abhorred each other,
Scolded, warned and tried to scare…
But lovers never thought to bother,
They still believe that love flies in the air…

Some fell and some fled,
Some took love as a dare…
Some died before they were dead,
Still Love flies in the air…

Poet Bio

She is a 17-year-old Indian girl, currently studying in 12th standard. She loves to express her thoughts through simple poems. She is encouraged by her parents and friends, so she is inspired to continue writing different kinds of poems.

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