Love is by Nosisa Ngwata

Nosisa Ngwata | September 4th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Love is…
Just by thinking about you

Love is…
Looking deep into each others’ eyes
Smooching like love sick teenagers
Holding hands like its our lifeline
Missing your sweet smell

Love is…
My first thought when I wake up
My last thought when I go to sleep
Butterflies in my stomach
I long for your touch

Love is…
Time standing still like a dead watch
Holding my breath
Like a leaf I quiver at your sight
I feel cold, I feel hot

Love is…
Many have defined love
A hunger
A thirst
But to me, my love
Love is…you.

Poet Bio

Nosisa Ngwata is a writer and poet. She has published two short stories in Drum magazine. And she has published a poem in the love anthology, We are Poetry.

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