Love like a newborn baby by Siphiwe

Siphiwe | Oct 23rd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Your love came like a newborn
Baby, effortless in its beauty,
Yet so fragile, quietly beckoning
To be handled with care and
Tenderness, unpretentious
In its innocence, vulnerable
In its surrender to things new.

It came in its purest essence,
As a miracle prayed for with
The intentions of a pure heart.
I wrapped it up with renewed
Hope and embraced it with
Dreams of a content soul
Glowing with an assuring
Quiet happiness.

I have watched it grow
In strength and wisdom
That refuses to show off
While it blossoms in all its
Splendour through seasons
Like a mysterious flower yet
To be discovered and picked,
It holds my spirit in constant
Awe like a spell cast on me
By the angels of love.

Now i hold it with open palms
Setting it free to search for its
Souls longing, yet it chooses
To make my heart a home.

Poet Bio

Siphiwe Hlongwane is an avid reader and writer of poetry. Some of his work has been published on Praxis Magazine online. He resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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