Love, the lighthouse by BL Dineo

BL Dineo | Sep 7th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


You ask me
Where do the lost go,
The broken-hearted,
The grieving mother,
The orphans with broken smiles,
The lonely and forgotten?

They look to the lighthouse
To shed light,
To heal, to mend!
It’s the beacon of hope
To navigate,
Navigating them to face tomorrow!

The Lighthouse
Our hope when lost,
Our healer when broken,
Our Light in darkest days.

You ask me, who is the lighthouse?
AHHH I say, it is LOVE!
To be the lighthouse,
Is to be Love!

Poet Bio

Patricia Pretorius, pen name BL Dineo, believes that writing is not just a creative outlet, but one of the oldest and greatest healers.

BL Dineo sees writing as a space of freedom and a way to connect to the world. She writes to heal, inspire and to empower.

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