Love This Lie by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | September 8th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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The volumes on silent
Just loud lines that run head on to your face
Tight lines leave stretch marks now your head is defaced
Second opinions leave exclamation marks to scar the forehead
After metaphors give birth to four heads
That will collide four times with silence
Four head rushes after the fourth percussion
The repercussion is the divide that forms one concussion
The headache that is this lie
Your eyes bleed transparent liquids
While you love this lie

Your eyes hear, Your ears see
This looks silent and sounds mean
A sight for painful ears
With this shouting in your eyes
Audio Attacks Alliterated
Scream Aaa! Three times as sound bytes
Onomatepia  will liberate the vocal cords which reveal your pain
Sound long enough to reach, no extension cord is needed
I sight your loudness & hear your eyes
Hear your tears & sight your cries
You love this lie

You paused this silence in horror
Covered your ears
Blocked your eyes
Comatose under the comma,
Time is Sound & Sound is Time
Vibration kills time with a violent line
The watch dies in Sound
You’ll Love this lie

Poet Bio

a writer from Durban. His other works can be seen on Sang Bleu,Litnet and Itch. He is also runs his own blog called LRB and is also currently developing a body of work for his poetry tentatively titled “The District Of The Sparrow”.

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