Loving in Circles by Anthea de Bruyn

Anthea de Bruyn | August 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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Why do you heal me, only to bruise me?
Why do you save me, only to use me?
You lift me up, to make me crawl
Where will you be, when I fall?

My heart is fine where it’s supposed to be
Lost in the dark, for no one to see
You cannot find it, safe where it’s hidden
I can’t allow access, entry is forbidden

You are transparent, I can’t see through you
You are a stranger, I have always known you
You are always there, I feel neglected by you
You treat me like a queen, I’m defiled by you

You look into my eyes, shower me with lies
Yet I cant look away, but I know I cant stay
It’s got to end, though I can’t make it
I can’t stand by and watch you fake it

You talk of love, wasted breath;
I’d rather choose my own death
than plunge into your synthetic truth, you see
As I will never have your honesty

Poet Bio

I am a 34 year old female from Cape Town.

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