Loving Me by Mercy Dhliwayo

Mercy Dhliwayo | March 4th, 2014 | current issue, poetry | No Comments

If you do not tell me that you love me tonight
I truly will not mind
For I have accumulated
enough “I love yous” to conquer hatred
[restrict]And build nations of love
“I love yous” enough to last a lifetime
and even lifetimes after this
So please,
Do not bother to tell me that you love me
Allow me to feel it
And touch it
Absorb it into my bones
Such that when I say “I love you too”
It is not as automatic as,
“fine thanks and how are you”
And when you love me
Let it not be as confining as redundant “I love yous”
Or as intimidating as overdue “we need to talks”
When you love me; let it be free,
and as natural as breathing
Let it be as fulfilling
as each movement that tickles my overgrown belly
each kick that lightens my soul
bearing testament to this life that will forever
be a token of my love for you.[/restrict]



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