Make me forget Luleka Mhlanzi

Luleka Mhlanzi | June 20th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Make me forget
What the sun in your physique looked like
The warmth that conjured your voice
When you spoke towards me

Make me forget
The giggles you plucked out of my blurring esteem
They now smile at me
Like an angry monster
Waiting to eat me back into my dreams

Make me forget
How you forged and stopped the time
Ensured that the next tick rings
Along with the curving of your arms to hold me

Make me forget
How we picked our first fruit
My anxiety and pain upon receipt
How you held my shaking limbs with care
And favor

Make me forget how I held on
To all your promises
That came in beautiful carriages, a promise ring and livestock.
They were supposed to be the honor of your love
Until you uttered it would never reach completion
I was puzzled that you thought my lineage
Deserved half your honor
For the love of their daughter who poured her whole self
Into your idea of the future

Make me forget

How I had to pay all my dues to you as your wife
A long list about how to love you
And every shadow that follows you

Make me forget
How I started forgetting myself
Because of the list
The thing that needed my body and full self to be done
How I always found a drop somewhere inside me
So you could quench some thirst
Because a man must burp
How you would tap my shoulder ,”well done”
I knew I had done well

Make me forget how you forgot to pour me back
When I became your mother
How you wrote poems about the mystery
Of the woman I had become
And forgot to tell me not to look for that
Woman in your eyes when you walked off stage

Make me forget your mother

Make me forget

How we found out we had planted another seed
How thorny the journey
Before our eyes learned it was roses this time
How I knew I would further forget myself in their petals
And that list
How you forgot me once more

Make me forget you
And all your kingship
That would entertain the pride it harbors
By patronizing what’s perceived to follow

Make me forget my emotions
How much of a fool they make out of me
At each mention of your name

Make me forget what the sun said
About what you had done
That one night after the funeral

Make me forget how you forgot me

I would like to forget why I left
Although the reason sits anxiously beneath my throat
As if guarding my tongue not to spit one more word
About my forthcoming demise

Because I’m the victim of all ages, right?
As if nothing else could describe me
For complaining about the heat of the fire
That started burning my bosom
You lit this fire and silenced me
I sat with it, you know I tried

Because you love me
Because I love you

Make me also forget
How you slammed my mother’s door
Because I had pushed you that far
I had also burned a plant you cursed in your yard
One that has been burning in your home way before I came in
One that you praised when you hung with the legends of jazz and smoke

Make me forget
That you are human too
And that in your quest to gather yourself
You will forget that someone somewhere
Longs a sincere “I’m sorry”
Make me forget You.

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