Man Collection by Ciara Tilton

Ciara Tilton | Jul 6th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I met you only yesterday
and what a showpiece you are!
I’ll put you next to that boy from May;
three, no four red stars!

“I’ve never met a man so handsome,”
is what I sweetly said.
But I’m gonna hold your heart for ransom
once we’re done in bed.

The way that smile felt on your face
while we were fiercely kissing
is perfect for my trophy case.
It’s just what I’ve been missing!

I’m the hunter, you’re the prey –
that much I failed to mention.
But come on baby, whataya say?
Be part of my collection.

Poet Bio

Ciara was born in Cornwall, England to an English mother and an Irish father. Her family immigrated to South Africa when she was eight years old. She thinks that she might be the reincarnated spirit of the late John Donne, and enjoys sharp wit and clever rhyme the most. Oh, and she likes long walks on the beach provided that its not a beach and she doesn’t have to walk.

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