Mask as Gargoyle by Celia Turner

Celia Turner | Jan 23rd, 2023 | poetry | No Comments


It was an N-95 with substance.
Horns curled up threatening
to self-cripple growing into eyes
or in on themselves
until eating becomes

Yet it was a small thing of beauty
with benign, kindly features,
non-uniformly white,
so much more than
physical barrier,
a totem lost
its pole.

Poet Bio

Celia Turner is a Loveland published poet in Northern Colorado Writers annual anthology and winner of the 2020 Denver Women’s Press Club Unknown Writer’s Contest. She regularly studies poetry, takes workshops and classes. The Grind online practice of a daily poem submitted to a random participating group each month has been a boon. Poetry for her is an ongoing intimate conversation she continues to have with strangers.

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