Masters by R.C. Thaka

R.C. Thaka | February 14th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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They’ve masterfully expropriated your ideas
and thoughts,
and redistributed them amongst the masses, hordes
and linguistic whores
who, singular of desire, require
only your words and knowledge,
and who care nothing for where the words come from.

They’ve masterfully appropriated your culture
and home,
and posited them as their ancestors’ own, centuries
of inherited antiques, antiquities
Antiquated ornaments
which they purport to belong to peoples beyond
our rivers, mountains and oceans.

But these shores are rich with indigenous traditions
yet they’ve masterfully subverted
morphed our reason into adversaries of their religion.
But we’ve masterfully rooted the spirits of our people
in the crops they consume,
in the branches of the Baobabs,
in the river of the Jukskei
and in the stolen land of the omnipresent nomads.

Poet Bio

R.C. Thaka is an aspiring poet who is working on finding a voice. R.C. Thaka is not just a poet but is the poem.

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