Maybe This Time We’re Done by Miss Steele

Miss Steele | May 30th, 2024 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


Speak to my mind not my vanity, pour deep into my soul which without you still feels so empty.

We’ve been down this road oh so many times before,
Be real, be true, be not afraid to hurt me.
There’s nothing you can do or say that you haven’t already.

And let it be known how my love will always remain, as for all the flattery and platitudes can you attest to the same?

I grow so weary.. so very weary..

With each rotation around the sun, each leg on the hamster wheel we run.
Each yearning ever-breaking hearts desperate appeal.
Each sacred melody left unsung.

Maybe, just maybe… this time… we’re actually done…?

Poet Bio

she is artwork and glory
she smells like cherries, spilt ink and thunderstorms

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