Me by Adri Roothman Buys

Adri Roothman Buys | Nov 14th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


I fear rejection
I see my own reflection
and the “look” is unique
I’m that one in a few
awarded with sideways glances
obviously hidden
beneath a nonchalant action.

I wear a scar above my lip
A nose that is not “Hollywood” perfect.
I was BORN different
It defines and confines
some of the truths in my head
and the image of me.

I am termed
with a phrase called “cleft palate”
yet your eyes, they caress me with warmth
and your voice
calls my scar sexy and perfect
You turn me into someone “normal”,

until the next time
I meet myself in the mirror.

Poet Bio

Adri lives in Cape Town and writes poetry as a hobby in her spare time. She likes to paint a picture with words in the hope that some of it might resonate with someone else and touch another heart.

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