Meaningless by Ria Naidoo

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I am not upset that you lied to me or that you abused my softness,

I am not upset that your false self faded away & left me with the real you,

I am not upset that the sacrifices I have made were empty investments,

These are not the things I am angry about,
These are not the things that steal my sleep,
These are not the things that make me starve.

I am upset that I have to dig through every memory inside every file inside my mind,

To separate what was real from what was untrue,

To see clearly

that whenever I said destined, you meant convenient
that whenever I said love, you meant lust
that whenever I said future, you meant maybe

I am upset that you pretended to speak in my mother tongue,
but all those words
were only imposters.

Poet Bio

Ria Naidoo is a content creator in the magazine industry, shaman, poetess, makeup artist, qualified teacher and holds her honours degree in psychology. She is an advocate for equality in every respect. Ria lives on the North Coast with several pets and a handsome housemate.

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