Melancholy by Sheena

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I walked alone
amid a cheerful crowd,
Cold concrete blocks
loud noises, fast paces
glittering in gold,
the rich and the old.

I stood alone
beneath the shades
of that huge tree
waiting for the crowd
to move ahead,
reach my destination.

I looked up
at the huge deity
seated atop the
moving vehicle
decorated, clad in gold
the face caught my gaze…

I could sense
indifference on the face;
the madness, the Chaos
made it just a drill
gone are the faith,
gratitude, but delusion.

I hid behind the post
as the mob passed by
I couldn’t help but notice
those pleading eyes:
a call for freedom
from the maddening crowd …

I watched it pass
amid the flashing mob,
I just raised a toast
To hail the mind behind
the vivid yet detached idol
lonely and lost at the top!

Poet Bio

Sheena Pillai Singh is a civil engineering professional by credentials. She loves to write often. Her literary works are published in many online platforms. She’s published two novels, two poetry compilations, a series of short stories, and stand-alone poetry.

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