Mercy Alone by Victor Akarachi Nwogu

Victor Akarachi Nwogu | June 18th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


I cannot see you
But I feel you
In my undefiled spirit
The preponderance of your grace so heavy
The essence of your being in private

Left with no choices in the middle of opinions
To believe that I can see you
Only in the eyes of my spirit
I considered my intellect my greatest asset
But it continues to fail before you

And then in my soul
Rushing through is your kindness
Mesmerizing my ruddiness
Breaking the shackles of deceit
Of whose pieces I can hardly find

Gathering my words
Like oysters on the beach sand
But I find none to empty my heaving thoughts
None, human or spirit
Can release my words from tight-fistedness

And then in my body
I have heard about charm
But it keeps me wondering about beauty
What it is worth without you
Joining your Spirit with mine

Shall I talk about your hair that is as white as wool
Or your hand that raises and abases
Your eyes that burn with wisdom, fire, and love
Your voice that thunders into existence
And formed it before the beginning began?

Some may think they deserve grace
But in all honesty, I don’t
Some may feel worthy of honour
But sincerely, I don’t
Some may argue that you owe them one
But truthfully, I don’t

Some may rationalize that they are laudable
But earnestly, I don’t
Some may believe that they are faithful
But candidly, I don’t
Some may suppose that they are good
But unguardedly, I don’t

I do not approach you as a prince
God forbid!
For I do not approach you for negotiations
Lest I condemn myself
Not even as anything with any trace of pride

I only come on as a mere man
Weak, feeble, and helpless
A wretched, confused, heartbroken
Desolate, pitiful, dejected
Unfaithful, faithless, delicate
Pathetic, sorrowful, and afflicted man

Like a land dry for so long
My life awaits the dews of your Majesty’s grace
Like a chick caught in the sharp claws of a hawk
My destiny awaits your deliverance
Hapless, frail, and undeserving
I cast my poor soul at your mercy

Poet Bio

Victor Akarachi Nwogu is a prolific writer, poet, philosopher, motivational speaker, a biochemist and the author of Blossomed Cherries: the ultimate love experience. He has a passion for global impact.


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